Several things to catch up on

Kristen and the group traveling to North Africa are stuck in New York and will not leave until tomorrow night at 8 pm. I get the feeling from John’s blog that they will not be getting a motel room either–that will make it tough. I would have hoped the airline would give them a place to sleep but they seem to be sleeping in the airport.

Wayne Cofield, pastor of Whitfield Baptist Church, has a new granddaughter born to his son, Stephen and his wife Stephanie. The interesting thing is that today is Pastor Cofield’s birthday as well as Stephen Cofield and our very own Stephanie Cornwell.

Please pray

We need to pray for Renee Roberts and her family as her dad is in the hospital and as I understand it on life support. This is a very trying time for the family obviously.

Pray for Katie Gardner–she has some pretty serious problems with her thyroid and we will not know what the doctors can do about it for some time.

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