Let’s go fishing!

June 14th, this Saturday, we are planning on going fishing like we did last year. This time we are going to take a picnic lunch–to be sure that we have something to eat!

We will be fishing on the same lake that we fished on last year. It is a Father Son fishing time. We will fish from 8 am to noon. I hope that you can get this on your calendar and come participate with us.

If you do not have a son there are young fellas in our church that do not have dads in the home and would love for you to take them. You do not need to be a dad to go on this event.

It will be a great time of fellowship and fun. Get your rod and reel and let’s go fishing!

Sunday will be Father’s Day. I am looking forward to preaching and teaching a bunch of men this Sunday. Can you invite anyone special.

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