Kristen Pearson

Our piano player for over two years now will be leaving to go to North Africa for two months. She is such a blessing and has worked so hard that I know we will all miss her. As I was thinking of her and praying for her as she leaves I wanted to share a couple of things about her with you and also to tell her publicly how much we love her and thank her for all that she has done.

Kristen has spent literally hours every week for over two years now working with Philip, the special music, the choir, and every other aspect of our ministry. She has given unselfishly and never looking to be thanked or recognized.

A piano player is often in the background. They play a vital but self sacrificing role. She is noticed when absent but not always noticed when working.

Last night when the service ended I did not give an invitation of any kind if you remember. We just prayed and I dismissed the service. My grandson, Jacob Gardner, was in the service. He asked his dad if the service was over–now Jake is only 5 but he understands that the piano always plays after church is over.

He came to the office and asked me why the piano wasn’t playing after church. 5 years old and he noticed!

Kristen, I want to publicly thank you for all that you do. Thank you for singing, playing, praying, serving and just being such a blessing. I pray that God gives you a great time in North Africa and that you can be as much a blessing to them as you are to us at Vision.

We will miss you and look forward to your return. We will be praying for you. You are a blessing to your church, your family, and especially to your pastor. Thank you and God bless you.

Now for those of us that will be staying do not worry! God has tremendously blessed us with a church that has more than one piano player. Cindi Shane will be taking care of the piano while Kristen is gone. Our music will still be great and I think that we have some of the best music anywhere.

Cindi thank you for being a servant and willing to step in and take care of things! I am looking forward to the ministry that God is going to give you over the next 6 weeks.

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  1. Kristen sent the following note

    Bro Gardner,

    I was just reading your blog and wanted to say thanks for the kind words.

    We are not at the airport anymore. We took a bus from the airport and Josh Blair put us up for the night at his church, which is incredibly beautiful by the way. We will be spending the day here tomorrow and hopefully flying out in the evening. I am sure getting a lesson on flexibility 🙂



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