Great week!

God gave us a great week with some wonderful young people from all over the United States! We just finished the Our Generation Leadership Camp. We had a wonderful time. God blessed greatly and it was wonderful to see all of our missionaries and friends that came for the meeting.

It was a blessing to have and see

Aaron to North Africa
Jake to China via Skype
April Baker to the British Isles
Wayne Cooke Church Planting to Middletown, New York
Chris Gardner–Spanish Speaking South American Director and Church Planter in Peru
David Gardner–Church Planting Missionary to Peru
David and Beth Gates to Egypt
Kevin Hall in South Africa
Tony and Stacey Howeth–Deputation Director and Missionary Evangelist
Ransom Maggard
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Maggard–Spanish Ministries and Church Planting all over the world
Tyler and Gretchen Masters to North Africa
Travis Snode in Northern Ireland via Skype
Ronald and Asunta Tubillas Spanish Church Planting in the USA
Kevin and Beth White to Bolivia

and the students and staff of Vision Baptist Church and the Our Generation Training Center!

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