Africa report!

Here is an update on Africa.

We had our first meeting this evening and it went well. We had over 20 in attendance and had the privilege of having Aaron and the team going to Morroco to be with us. We talked about a yokefellow ministry, explaining what it is and the importance of it. We discussed each missionary VBC supports. Some the items talked about was, what each missionary was doing in their part of Africa, needs they have, passed out prayer cards and prayer letters and talked about each one in detail. One last point talked about was the importance of the women in our group to stay in contact with the missionary wives on the field. Sometimes they are over looked, but a re important part of the ministry. We ended by praying for each missionary, their needs, and God sending forth more labours to Africa to help evangelize Africa.

I had the opportunity to talk with Kevin Hall while we waiting at the gate for his flight. The plane was delayed for 30 minutes due to mechanical problems. It was a 30 minute delay and then everyone was able to board. He is due in at 9:30 PM tomorrow in South Africa. They only problem, was I could not get on the plane with him and go help him, where he needs more help.

Keith Shumaker has two young men from Crown College with him in Burkina Faso for the next 6 weeks. I pray God will use these two young men and they find it in there heart to come to Africa to reach the lost. Both young men said they have a heart for Burkina Faso. AMEN!

Brother Coppa is schedule to translate the morning service in Tanger with a visiting preacher. We pray that all goes well and the message will penetrate the hearts of the people in Morroco that so desperately need our Saviour.

Aaron is due to head back to Ohio on Wednesday. He is planning on returning to Morroco in July. He is scheduled to come back in December for the Summit.

It was a tremendous blessing to see and hear Tyler Masters preach and teach at the camp. We are praying for Tyler and Gretchen that God will continue to use them greatly in North Africa.

Everyone in the Africa group is interested in being a part of the missionary lives and want to get more involved. Pray that God uses each one to the fullest.

David Lundy

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