Prayer letter from our missionary!–Chris Gardner


Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

Wow, times definitely has been flying by these last few months. We are now back in the states. We have been here in the states since the end of February. We have been traveling around the states trying to raise support for the ministry in Peru. Needless to say, things right now are not very easy when it comes to raising funds in the states. We ask that you help us by praying that God will do some incredible things while we are back and that we can raise all of the funds necessary to keep everything going over there in Peru. Would you consider taking the ministry in Peru on for support? If you already support us, if you were to add the Bible College as one of your missionaries it would help us out more than you could ever imagine. Any support that we raise right now is being used for that purpose. Also if you would like to give a one time gift to help us get through a month of operations that would also be a great help. We are in desperate need at this time and would appreciate anyone that could helping us out.

Since we have been back in the states, we have presented our ministry in Georgia, Alabama, South Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina and many other places. We are excited about all that God is doing in Peru and know that he has a perfect plan to make everything happen as it should. Pray for our growth during this period, that the Lord would help us to grow and become and do all that he desires in our lives.

There is one other opportunity that we are speaking to our friends and family about. God has given us one of the only Independent Baptist TV stations that I can find in the world. We are excited to have the privilege of using the media to reach a city of over a million people. The TV station is one of the most successful ministries that we have ever had. We count it a privilege to have this ministry and to use the influence that it gives us for the glory of God. Right now we are asking people to start supporting an hour of programming per month for only $30 a month. I do not know of many other places where you can place $30 and have the potential to reach over a million people with the gospel. Just think about the fact that you can use your money with that potential for less than a coke a day. If you would like to help with this ministry, please let me know by emailing us or writing us at Every person that helps with this will be helping out in a very needy time.

I have returned to Peru 2 times since I have been in the states, I ask you to pray for the ministry there that the Lord would continue blessing the ministry while we are gone.

We would like to thank you for being so faithful in supporting us. We couldn’t be doing what we believe that God has called us to do without having people like you. Thanks for all you do. Only time will tell how thankful we are. May God continue to bless you in all that you do.

Yours for Souls,

Chris, Andria, Jacob, Hannah and Andrew Gardner

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