You will not want to miss this week!

For Vision people and for those who live close–you are not going to want to miss this week. We will have several people visiting with us and helping in the Our Generation Leadership Camp. The list below I think includes everyone but I may have left someone out. They are in alphabetical order! Each night you will be able to come and hear them also.

Aaron and Jillian from North Africa–God has been doing a tremendous work in their lives that you will want to hear as well as the chance to learn more about reaching Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ

Chris and Andria Gardner, Peru–The work of God is being tremendously blessed under their ministry and they are preparing people to go to all the world from the Bible College. Also the TV ministry is getting stronger and stronger.

David and Katie Gardner, Peru–learn how to reach the more unreached rural areas of a country starting in Peru with the Circuit Riding ministry.

David and Beth Gates, Egypt on Deputation

Kevin Hall, South Africa–greatly used of God to reach the Xhosa people. You will love what you hear and see from this ministry.

Tony and Stacey Howeth, Missionary Evangelist–God is using this man to raise up World Evangelism awareness all over the USA and now branching out more and more to the world.

Tyler and Gretchen Masters, North Africa project–What a privilege to see the Masters just for few hours before they head to North Africa leading a group to work with our missionaries there.

Kevin and Beth White, Bolivia–Already two churches started and going. God is using this family in a great way you will not want to miss them

Along with presentations via Skype from several of our missionaries and then the Vision staff:

Philip Bassham

Robert Canfield

Mark Coffey

Trent Cornwell

Micah Rastelli


David Velke

On Tuesday night there will be no service since we are going to take everyone to a Braves Baseball game. That leaves you a chance to come on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. I think that it will be well worth your while.

I hope you will make plans to come and let God work in your life.

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