From Prescott, Arizona

Betty and I along with John and Sandy Pearson, Trent Cornwell, Mark Coffey, Tony Howeth, Chris Gardner, David Gardner, Wayne Cofield, Kevin Hall, and of course Clark Hall (Kevin’s son) and then a heap of Jeremy’s family are here for the wedding of Jeremy and Bekah Hall.

I am excited to see young missionaries getting married and giving their lives to totally glorify and serve God. What a special time. Please pray for this young couple.

I am so excited about our services this Sunday. The morning message from I Peter is going to be such a wonderful blessing. I can’t wait for our deacon in training classes that will take place Sunday afternoon, then the teachers and workers meeting later followed by a great discipleship lesson.

It is really good to always be able to look forward to an exciting time in the Word of God in God’s house. I hope you are getting everything ready and inviting someone to come and be with you. It is going to be a wonderful day to serve and honor God.

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