Exciting World Evangelism News

I just came across this news on the web and am excited to see how great our God is and all that He is doing.

At this link I found the following quote:

But we’re really excited about helping Pastor Sexton start a division of Crown College for linguistics and Bible translation.

Be looking on http://www.worldevangelism.com/. This is the latest thing that Bill is helping Pastor Sexton accomplish. We want to create a resource for churches worldwide to help accomplish world evangelism in our generation!

I am so blessed and excited to see how God is bringing world evangelism to the forefront. I hope you will be watching for the launch of www.worldevangelism.com. I am excited that Crown will be starting these new programs and that God will use this great school to make a difference in the cause of world evangelism. More people praying to accomplish world evangelism in our generation. It has to be a move of God. Amen

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