How tied down are you?

The following comes from a good missionary’s post. Jason Kenney serves in Santiago, Chile. He is out of the Fellowship Baptist Church here in Cumming. He is in language school right now and has a blog. He has lots of good things to read and I subscribe to his blog. I think you would enjoy watching what God is doing with his family.

I think this is good to see what a family that is new to the field goes through.

“Con cuotas o sin cuotas?” is one of the first phrases you learn when shopping in Chile. You are asked that question any time you make a purchase with a credit card. Here is my paraphrased interpretation of the above question: “Would you like to pay for this week’s grocery bill over the next 24 weeks?” It is not enough to put off payment for a purchased item until the end of the month, but with cuotas you can make an arrangement with the retailer so that they will break up the charge to your credit card over 6, 12, 24 or however many months. Imagine that – paying on clothes as if they were a car. At least with a car you will still fit into it in a year or two.

With the never ending barrage of credit offers, and the overwhelming temptation to quick-fix a financial crunch with the plastic (sounds like the American & Chilean families have much in common!) it is easy to find oneself in a financial mess. When it comes to financial troubles in the Christian realm I believe Missions suffers the most at the hands of the “credit card bill.” Here are my observations:

1) Most churches support missions with the “extra” offering. In the average family there is little or no extra to give.
2) Mission trips are valuable opportunities to stir the hearts of God’s people to a greater level of involvement and commitment toward missions. A lack of funds is usually the culprit behind the “maybe next time” excuse.
3) Surrendering to the mission field is not possible for many families because they are living proof that “the borrower is servant to the lender.” Too many bills cause paralysis of the will. Simply put – we could never make such a huge life change.

Where did all this come from? I guess it’s because Jason Holt has been teaching on the family over the few months in Sunday school and the last two lessons have dealt with the family and finances. It must have stirred me up a little.

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