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The following is from Pastor Derik Lawrence’s blog. He explains how they handle some of the services during the summer. I know that God has tremendously blessed their church and they have seen real growth. I appreciate any opinion he has and wanted to get your take on this. So read carefully and then submit some comments if you do not mind.

Afternoon Services

Realizing that others apart from our members read this blog, let me share with you one of the things our people seem to really like. Throughout the summer, we’ll have 4-6 Sundays where we have a 2 PM afternoon service in lieu of our 6 PM service. The following days are usually afternoon services:

Memorial Day-people just usually bring a picnic or go grab a quick lunch at Wendy’s, Burger King, etc
Father’s Day-the church usually cooks hamburgers/hotdogs on this day for people to enjoy
July 4th Sunday-sometimes we have a 5PM service followed with a church-wide picnic at a local park pavilion we rent
Pastor’s Anniversary Sunday-this is where we typically have “dinner on the grounds”
Old Fashion Sunday (Will Atkinson’s personal favorite)-here is where we have the hayride, tug o war, sack races and other games
There have been other times as well. Our people have really liked the summer change up and I think it is good sometimes to “shake it up” a bit. Some have asked about going to all afternoon services during the summer but I’m not sure that would be the best thing to do. Although I am not entirely opposed to it, here are some of the hesitations that I have for going to all afternoon services in the summer:

We have a GREAT Sunday evening attendance…our people are faithful and I wouldn’t want to take away from the preaching/teaching opportunity it is.
For some, the Sunday evening service is the only service they are able to attend because of serving in other ministries or b/c of secular jobs/work.
It’s a long day for those with children.
The afternoon service seems to be a little more rushed than others.
People have a harder time focusing at that time of day (especially if they’re used to Sunday afternoon naps)
We would have some folks who just wouldn’t like not having the evening service and we wouldn’t retain them for 2:00
Choir rehearsal time would be greatly hampered and affected.
In our case, I think we would miss quite a few Sunday evening visitors.
Don’t know if we would retain everybody when we went back to the evening services in the fall.
What would the SOL think? (Just kidding)
Could take away from some of the faithfulness of our members (in what ways, I’m not entirely sure…maybe just because they wouldn’t look at the 2PM service with the same priority as the 6 PM)
I am very curious of the thoughts/comments from our church members, as well as those from folks who might already have/had afternoon services.

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  1. Scott Newtonq

    I think I would be scared of it. It seems that people (me included) are programmed a certain way to expect things at a certain time. I have a pretty hard time really paying attention when I am used to being at home etc. Not saying it wouldn’t work, but it might be hard to get over the hurdle of getting people to really be into it especially because it would only be every once in a while. Maybe if it was every service, I don’t know.

  2. It would be really hard on those who work nights (okay, so maybe theres only one in our church that it would effect, but he’s really important! Haha)

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