Exciting pictures from Northwest Baptist Church

The Northwest Baptist Church, our first daughter church, has some beautiful pictures you should see. You need to pray for them. They are a product of our ministry and reason to be shouting from the housetop. Every time you give to faith promise missions you help one of our missionaries like Travis Snode do the job God has called them to do. Here is some of the fruit that will be in your account in Heaven because of your giving.

Here is a picture of Travis and Teri, along with the four that were baptized on Sunday afternoon. The older gentleman, Bobby, is a tremendous blessing and the young ladies are his grand daughters. He kept telling me that the day he got baptized was a wonderful day.


These are the church people that were there at the swimming pool that we rented to see the baptismal service. Not all are members yet but are attending regularly and I hope will be members soon.


These are the charter members of the church. The charter will be left open for six months to allow some that are going to be getting baptized, others who have to get some things sorted out in their lives, and new people that might come along to become charter members also. It is a great honor to be a charter member. To be one of the people of vision that would start a church.


I was greatly honored, undeservedly, by God to be allowed to take part in these wonderful days of organization. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do. Pray for your missionaries and your daughter now sister church–the Northwest Baptist Church of Northern Ireland.

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  1. Very exciting to see what God is doing in Northern Ireland with the Snode family. I look forward to the day where I’ll have part in a daughter church plant personally as a Pastor! May God bless the Northwest Baptist Church.

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