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I could never encourage you enough to read your Bible and to read it systematically and in a disciplined manner. I just this morning finished reading the Bible through for the first time this year. I have set my program to get it read through once more by the end of the year.

We are people of the Book. We should read it. If you say you believe it you should read it! I love the Bible. I love all that God says to me and shows me each time I go through it. I often wonder why there are so few people that are deeply in love with God but I believe much of that could be traced back to their lack of love for His Book.

Will you commit now to read the Bible through from cover to cover. It is not very hard at all. Just be disciplined to read every day. I know that you want to love Jesus. I know that you want to have Him work in your life. There is no greater way than to spend time in reading His word everyday.

I finished this morning. I will start back in Genesis first thing in the morning. My plan will take less than six months and goes like this. I will read 5 chapters each day, plus I will read Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon each day until I finish them. They are poetry and easy to get lots of good stuff from every day. I like to do it that way. When I get to them I will simply skip them because I will be reading them every day until I finish.

That kind of helps me get through some of the harder and drier readings of the Bible. If it is hard reading and I am having a problem getting something from it then I will still have my poetical literature to read today.

Every time I read the Bible I learn new things. Every time I read the Bible I think that I grow. Could I challenge you, my brother or my sister in Christ to get in the Bible every day until the end of the year. If you miss a day don’t feel bad just read it again the next day. There are no rules and no time limits just blessings to miss if you do not do it.

Paul hungered to know Christ. Do you know how you can know Him? Through allowing Him to speak to you through His World!

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  1. Aunque yo sufro de falta de retención de información, me encanta leer mi Biblia, aunque a veces ha habido dias que no la lei. Algun día quisiera leer y retener tanto como Ud. Gracias por su ejemplo.

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