Faith, if you like, can be defined like this: It is a man insisting upon thinking when every thing seems determined to bludgeon and knock him down…The trouble with the person of little faith is that, instead of controlling his own thought, his thought is being controlled by something else, and, as we put it, he goes round and round in cirlces. That is the essence of worry….That is not thought; that is the absence of thought, a failure to think. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

When I read this I was greatly blessed. It reminds me of Romans 4 where Abraham knows the circumstances–his body is old, his wife can no longer have children but God said and that is enough. He believed against hope and circumstances and would not falter in thinking that God would do what He said He would do.

That is the lesson for me today!

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  1. John Pearson just sent me this wonderful material about faith:

    George Muller: Where faith begins, anxiety ends. Where anxiety begins, faith ends
    6:45 PM

    McArther said, Anxiety is a blantant distrust of the power and love of God
    6:45 PM

    “Worry is unable to accomplish anything productive”
    6:47 PM

    The grace that come with the trial does not come in advance. Therefore, if we worry about the future now, we double our pain without having the grace to deal with it.

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