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I want to say a special word about our daughter, Stephanie, and her family. May 20th was Stephanie’s birthday and May 22nd–today is their 10th wedding anniversary. God tremendously blessed us with a great son in law and 5 soon to be 6 grandsons.

They love God and are serving Him faithfully and have for the entire last 10 years. They have a great testimony of service and love for the Lord.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say directly to Stephanie that I love her very much and I am extremely proud of you. You are a great daughter, a great wife, and a great mother. Most of all you have such a great testimony as a Christian. I love the way you sacrifice and work to serve others. Many may not notice all you do but your mom and I surely do. We love you.

David you have been a great son in law. You have loved and guided our daughter to honor and serve God. You are raising a family that loves God. I thank God for you. Thank you for being the man of God that you are. Thank you for loving our daughter.

You, too, have such a great testimony and a wonderful servant’s heart. Betty and I both love you very much and are very proud of you.

One of the greatest gifts that God ever gave Betty and me was our children. We have four, all married, all serving God, all raising children for the honor and the glory of God. We could ask for no greater gift.

I have often told my wife and I mean it–If I died today I would die a rich and happy man with all that God has done for me!

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  1. What a crew of boys!!! Man alive, I bet it’s never quiet around that house. How cool would that be? I think congratulations is in order to Austin and Betty Gardner as well for rearing such a family to serve God and impact the world like theirs is doing!

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