Exciting Announcement

Scott Newton has started a blog for the Reformers Unanimous ministry. On the side of this blog you will see the link for R U Blog. Click there and you will get to see some great information.

I am so excited about this new ministry. I am excited that Scott has shown the initiative to get this blog started. I hope that you will subscribe to get it and read it every time it comes out as I have already done. It has some tremendous information already.

You will see stats there about Internet pornography, alchoholism, and other addictions. I do want you to know that R U is for much more than just these type of addictions. It is actually a great discipleship ministry. If you just want to grow in the Lord and experience victory inyour spiritual life I suggest that you go every Friday night from 7 to 9.

They also need help with many different things to have the ministry be a blessing. Will you step up and volunteer?

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