Wonderful news from South Africa

Read the following from Kevin Hall’s blog. He is one of our missionaries serving in South Africa. Betty and I have had the privilege of visiting them and seeing the work there. This is wonderful exciting news. We serve a great God. This young man gave up a full ride scholarship to play football for VMI but God has made up for it with eternal blessings.

Kevin and Corli, we love you very much and are super proud of what God is doing in your life and ministry. Know that we are praying for you!

They say if you score a touchdown try not to to over celebrate, act like you’ve been there before. Well that’s football and I am talking about world missions, church planting, and individual lives being transformed and I am not sure if it’s even possible to over celebrate when God works in your life. We just want to give you a quick summation of what happened today at Madiba Bay during our anniversary meeting. God is amazing!!!

We went expecting, after working and praying and God did a awesome job in every facet of the service. He helped me preach on the parable of the marriage of the King’s son in Matthew 22 (I give extra praise for this because the language is a continual battle). I am not sure how many professions of faith we had at this point but there were several that came forward. I will try to update later on actual professions of faith. We baptized three teenage young men!!! We also had our largest crowd thus far with 126 in attendance. It was a packed house to say the least. All to God’s glory! I am not a great missionary, not even a good one, I am just a servant of the Great God of Heaven doing my reasonable service.

I want to say special thanks to Lubabalo, Nokuzola, Lubabalo, Melumzi, Sivuyile, Ziyanda, Zanele, and Asanda for working so hard and helping prepare for such a wonderful day. Thank you!!!

Also a great big thanks to my wonderful, beautful wife for all of her hard work!!!

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  1. Kevin and Corli
    So great to hear about the great service you had for your Anniversary. Doesn’t seem like it has been a year since you had your first service. To say I am proud of you and Corli would be an understatement.
    I love you all and look forward to seeing you next week for the wedding.
    I will read this to our Sunday School class Sunday. We so enjoyed Corli when she spoke to the class when she was in a few months ago. The kids are still talking about it and some of them still remember a most of the song she taught them while she was here.
    Love you

  2. Bonnie Hammond

    Kevin & Corli, I was lucky enough to see these two in action in South Africa & I was amazed at how God is using them & the progress they are making..They are both very humble about it but I guess that is why God uses them so well..The people at Madiba Bay Baptist are amazing and they love Kevin, Corli & Clark..I was really thrilled to see this & knowing that they were being well taken care of, (as Kevin’s mom that was a great reassurance). I thank God daily for what he is doing in their life & am very proud all of them..I look forward to what God is going to do with them in the future..Love, Mom (Bonnie) Give my love to the people at Madiba Bay..

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