Excited about what God is doing!

It was wonderful to have Pastor McHoyt Moore with us on Thursday night. To see and hear a man that God has so greatly used is always a blessing. Later I will have pictures for you of the baptismal services that Gene Womack brought of his dad and Pastor Moore from many years ago. That was quite the blessing.

I am also excited about out Volunteer thank you meeting today because I want to thank all of you that do so much to make our church work and be a blessing. I am looking forward to spending time with all of you.

Then I am really looking forward to tomorrow. I know now what is on the docket to be taught and preached. The Word of God is so beautiful and I can not wait to preach some most beautiful truths tomorrow. You are not going to want to miss it.

God has so blessed all of us that are His church today. He has allowed us to be a royal priesthood. He allows us to offer sacrifices that are acceptable through Jesus Christ. What a privilege!

God has worked in my life and heart this week through one of the classes I taught in the Our Generation Training Center and through my own personal Bible study. So often I try to produce for God and that is not my job. He is the Lord! I am to honor Him and serve Him and to work hard by His grace but I am not in competition and we are not in a performance based relationship!

Isn’t it wonderful to know that God works in and through us!

I hope you will be there in the morning ready to get something from God through His Word. I also ask you to be praying for me that God would work in my life for His honor and glory. Really we do not need to ask God to work because He wants to–we need God to get me out of the way so that He can move!

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