Aaron is going back to the hospital!

This just came in from Aaron:

Pray for me tomorrow as I go back into the hospital. I have developed a slight fever and the doctors fear that there may be infection in the lung. They are going to do another bronchoscopy after putting me to sleep. It’s outpatient. Praise God! I am about sick of the hospital.

Pray for three of my friends: Donnie, Mark, and Paul and possibly some others. They are coming with me to the missions leadership camp in a couple weeks. I am asking God to do a life-altering work in their hearts for His purpose. We’ll be visiting the Hindu Temple, the Buddhist Temple, the Catholic Church, and the Muslim Mosque to see the needs of the world for the gospel. We’ll also be taking the gospel to the internationals of Atlanta. Check out more about it at www.bcwe.org.

Please be praying for Aaron

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