Pastor’s Conference was wonderfully blessed.

God has done exceedingly and more wonderfully than we could have ever expected. He sent people to the conference from Miami, the far corners of Louisiana and we were excited about that. Then a pastor arrived from Pakistan on Sunday night just for the conference. We couldn’t believe it. Then last night a pastor from Nigeria arrived and also a husband and wife from the Philippines. Can you believe it God is doing something wonderful.

The house was full of preachers and missionaries. We are so excited about what God is doing. There were 20 pastors and missionaries present last night. That is not counting all the preachers from our church and others.

Wayne Cofield did a wonderful job and God used his message to challenge me. We seek not the applause of men but of heaven. It was wonderful. Thank God for a good man and a good friend.

Tony Howeth like always left the floor wet with tears. What a passionate message full of the power of God also as he challenged us as pastors to let the church do what God told the church to do.

I am really looking forward to today and all that God has planned. What a wonderful privilege it is to serve God.

A young missionary, Kenneth Ralph, and I were talking last night about the wonderful privilege it is to serve God. He said sometimes he almost feels guilty having so much fun when everyone thinks that he is suffering so much.

Ain’t God good. We are looking forward to a wonderful day so pray for us.

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