Great night coming up and you are not going to want to miss it!

Tonight we will have two great preachers–First Pastor Wayne Cofield from Whitfield Baptist Church will be preaching. He has been my friend, colaborer and pastor for many years. He will open up our conference. You will not want to miss his message. Several have said that he is one of their favorite preachers that have come to Vision.

The second message will be Brother Tony Howeth. He is a great favorite of all of our church family. You will not want to miss his message either. The services tonight will be longer than usual without a doubt.

The service will start at 7 and end a little after 9. I want you to come and enjoy this great evening.

The staff has been working so hard to get everything ready for you. If you miss it then you will really be missing it–you can always get the cd or download it but it is not the same as being in the service–ever.

Get here early. If you can help with some of the special plans even better.

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