Pastor’s Conference for World Evangelism

We are so excited to have the opportunity to host the Pastor’s Conference for World Evangelism. God has been working in great and mighty ways. It looks like several men are coming even from foreign countries. One man is supposed to arrive tonight from Pakistan. Others have called and registered. I really do not know what to expect.

I know that we will have some wonderful preaching from Wayne Cofield, Tony Howeth, Chris Gardner, and Charles Blackstock. You are not going to want to miss that.

If you are a pastor or missionary you are invited to be with us. All you have to do is give us a call at 770-456-5881.

If you are a church member then there is a lot to do that you can help us with. We need help with the very special banquet that we will be doing tomorrow evening that includes valet parking, shoe polishing, and every other good thing that we can think of doing for the men of God.

Then I will be teaching for at least 6 hours as well as others. I believe that it is going to be great. If you are able to come and be with us during the day on Tuesday I hope you will do that.

Please be in prayer for us. Pray that God will use this conference to stir a passion for “life on life” discipleship and world evangelism.

Thank you for being a wonderful church. Thank you for the chance to be your pastor. Pray for us that God will use this time to really make a difference.

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  2. I can’t wait for the conference myself. I attended my first PCWE three or four years ago as a new pastor and it helped me so much to form a mindset to mentor. I was challenged to be a leader of leaders versus a leader of men. Very good conference…you should do everything you can to be a part of it. Even if you can only make a service or two, it will be worth it! I’m also praying that it will challenge the people of Vision as they demonstrate a servant’s heart. There will be some pastors, evangelists, missionaries and other ministry leaders in attendance who might be thinking of “throwing in the towel.” You can be a “difference maker” by just parking a car or polishing a shoe with the right attitude and compassion. Look at this as an investment by your Pastor and leadership to train and teach you an important Biblical principle. I’m praying it will change people’s lives for all eternity!

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