Sunday is coming

Well I have been out of our church’s pulpit for quite some time now–I missed two Thursday nights and all day Sunday. I am very excited about preaching in the morning.

I look forward to our Sunday School class tomorrow also especially since Mark Coffey will be taking a good number from our class to start another class. I hope you will come and be part of the class.

In the morning we are in I Peter 2:1-3 and will see “Newborns” and how they love the Word of God. I must admit that I really love the Bible with all of my heart. I read it through a couple of times a year. I read it every day.

Tomorrow night we will be in another discipleship lesson. This time it will be “Eternal Security!” I really believe that you will enjoy this lesson. Salvation is by grace and if you are really saved then you can rest assured that you are eternally secure and on your way to Heaven. Don’t miss the whole day!

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