Teacher Appreciation Sunday

God has given us some wonderful servants at our church and I thank God for each of them. This Sunday is Teacher Appreciation Day and I hope that you will take the time to say thank you to your Sunday School Teacher or Children’s Church worker.

Here is a list of the teachers and their class with a big thank you from me as pastor. I love each of you and want you to know that without you I could never accomplish what is being done at Vision. You are in deed a blessing. There isn’t much that I can do for you but say thank you so please understand my heart in that.

I will be having a get together at my house for all of you in a couple of weeks on a Friday night if you can come. You will hear more about that later.

Stephanie Craven- Nursery

Elisabeth Watson- SS teacher, Nursery

Natasha Tolson- SS teacher, Nursery

Sandy Pearson- SS teacher, Master Club

Carolyn Gardner- SS teacher, Master Club

Robert Canfield- SS teacher, Children’s Church, Master Club

Chris Fies- SS teacher

Trent Cornwell- SS teacher

Kelli Canfield- Children’s Church teacher, Master Club

Crystal Barnhill- Children Church teacher

Holly Pearson- SS teacher, Master Club

Kathy Fies- SS teacher

Stephanie Cornwell- SS teacher

David Lundy- Children’s Church, Master Club

Anne Lundy- Children’s Church, Master Club

David Velke- Children’s Church, Master Club

Micah Rastelli- Children’s Church, Master Club

Cindy Shane- Master club

Jared & Jessica Mckinnon- Master club

Mariangela Simeon- SS Teacher

Amy Coffey- Nursery, Master Club

Scott Newton- Children’s Church

Hugh Watson–Sunday School Teacher

John Pearson–Sunday School Teacher

Philip Bassham–Sunday School Teacher

Mark Coffey–Sunday School Teacher

Ronald Tubillas–Spanish Pastor and Sunday School Teacher

Tony Howeth also teaches and Adult Sunday School class whenever he is in town.

I think that I should also thank our foreign, extension Teachers in our staff missionaries

Chris and Andria Gardner

Travis and Teri Snode

Julio and Joy Soncco

I want to thank each of you for all that you do. I pray that God is already richly rewarding you in your ministry.

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