We’re getting our first church bus and I need help!

By the grace of God I believe that we will have our first church bus within a week or so. That being said we have an answer to prayer. $1,000 has already been given towards the purchase. We will need $1,500 more or so to pay for the bus but they are going to give us some time.

That adds more needs to our church. We need someone who will be dedicated enough to drive it with the correct license for driving a school bus. Would you pray about being serious about reaching boys and girls and men and women with the gospel with a bus route.

We will need someone to be our bus director and take over the ministry of running the bus and later buses every week.

We will need people who will step up and give a little extra each week to cover the cost of insurance, fuel, maintenance etc. This is an important ministry.

We need someone who will be willing to help paint and put a mural on the church bus. I want it to be the sharpest bus on the road.

This bus will be going, Lord willing, to the south of the church to apartments and houses around exit 10. We will need committed people who will go out every week and knock on some doors and try to invite more and more people to God’s house.

This is a big responsibility and a big privilege. I hope you will get involved in helping us.

God has been so good to us for over 2 years now. We are just now at the beginning of getting the gospel out. Will you get in there and really help us reach people with the gospel.

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