I was impressed last night with Evangelist Ed Dunlop. He is here at Vision Baptist doing a Family Rally. God gave us a good number of people last night and they had a great time.

More importantly they heard as clear and Biblical presentation of the gospel as anybody any where. He did a marvelous job. There was no doubt about what the Bible says and the message was not dumbed down.

I can’t wait to read some books that he has written that I am hearing about. They are like a modern day Pilgrim’s Progress. That is one of my all time favorite books. I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to buy the books for your family. They will make great reading as a family. Here is a little information about the books and a link to them.

As a Christian parent, your primary objectives are to lead your own children to the Lord and then train them to serve Him. Here’s an action-packed allegory series that will help you in this endeavor. Each book was prayerfully written to encourage your young people to love their Lord and serve Him with all their hearts. The Terrestria Chronicles have been compared by many readers to The Pilgrim’s Progress, though this series has more adventure and is more relevant to today’s readers than Bunyan’s classic work.

There is NO magic or wizardry in this series!

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Fast-paced action… powerful imagery… heart-pounding adventure… These life-changing books are captivating and once you start reading, you’ll find them hard to put down. This adventure series has a particularly strong appeal to today’s young people: it’s a series with knights and castles, dragons and princesses. . . but these are books in which every page points to truths of the Christian walk. Biblical doctrines and character principles are taught in such a compelling, fascinating way that they will stay with the reader for a lifetime.

The Terrestria Chronicles allegory series honors Jesus Christ as King, challenges young readers to love and serve Him, and teaches them to guard their hearts for Him. The focus of the series is always on the King.

Written for ages ten and up, the Terrestria series is ideal for family devotions, classroom use or individual enjoyment. So grab your sword and take your family on a quest to Terrestria! Your hearts will be changed forever

Click here to learn more and to purchase your own set or if you are at the conference you are able to buy the books with a discount and without having to pay shipping.

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