Sunday report

Betty and I were in Bridgeport, West Virginia through Sunday morning with Pastor Jeff Vaughn and the Grace Baptist Church. We had a wonderful time and they are a wonderful people. They supported our ministry from 1986 until 2005.

We had a wonderful Faith Promise Mission’s Conference and I think that God really worked. After lunch with the pastor we began our more than 9 hour drive home. They had purchased us airline tickets but since we went to see Aaron we were unable to use them. It would have been a much nicer trip in a jet but it was more than worth it to visit our friend and be there when he got the report from the doctor.

On the way home we did not want to miss church during the evening so we stopped at the Belle Meadows Baptist Church in Bristol, Virginia where the pastor is Dewey Williams. It was a good evening and good message.

Can I just add here that if we do not like to miss church for any reason. We were traveling, we had been in church every night from Thursday night forward and the church where we were in the conference had called off the service for the evening but I wanted us to be in church.

I know that might sound legalistic to you but I just love God and want to give a good example to my family and other believers. When you go on vacation and miss church you send a signal to your family that sometimes it is ok to just skip church. I am not talking about work or issues that might force you to miss but I am talking about when you choose the option. Betty and I wanted to hurry and get home. We wanted to get back to our house and our bed, but not enough to just skip church. I was temped, I wanted to hurry home, I was coming up with every excuse but one thing that I learned from my parents and honor about my parents is that I was always in church. I just believe it makes a difference.

No it will not effect whether or not you are saved or whether or not you go to Heaven. But some that is important enough that it is inconvenient must be important. I do not go to church when it is convenient but because it is important. I welcome your questions and comments. I do not pass my judgment on to others but I think this is a good lesson for all of us and for our families.

Now I want to tell you that all I have heard from Sunday at Vision was wonderful. One saved in the service Sunday morning–that is wonderful. The numbers were a little lower than usual but God really used Evangelist Ed Dunlop. I have heard that it was great. I hope that you will be back with us tonight and every night through Thursday.

I am going to post some of the pictures that Kathy Fies took. She does such a good job at this and I want to challenge you to invite your friends and do all you can to get people to be with you tonight.




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