Grace Baptist Church, Bridgeport, West Virginia

Betty and I are still in Bridgeport and God is allowing us to be used of Him. I thank Him for the chance to preach and the chance to be with such wonderful people.

On Thursday night I preached on “Now or Never” were the children of Israel had their chance to go in to the Promise land and take the promises of God but made an irreversible mistake and missed out on God’s best for their lives. We do not want that to happen in our lives. One mistake led to them wandering in the wilderness for the next 40 years and never truly enjoying the abundant life that God had for them.

Yesterday I played golf with the men of the church. I didn’t embarrass you too bad but it was pretty pathetic. I did have a good time of fellowship and they are a great group of men. I heard several testimonies of how they came to Christ and really always enjoy hearing people tell their story.

Last night I preached “Getting totally involved in the work of God” and used Acts 18 and the life of Aquila and Priscilla. I showed them that all through the book of Acts we find God using regular people to get the job done. Though the book of Acts is about the great work the Holy Spirit did through the apostles and the preachers laypeople just keep popping up on every page and being used of God. Without the participation of everyone we will never see this world evangelized and so everyone needs to find out what God wants them to do and get plugged in.

Today there will be a brunch with the pastor and the missionaries at 11 AM and I will be preaching after a cookout and barbeque tonight.

Yesterday while I was on the golf course and just before my phone battery died I got a call and it looks like we may be buying a bus for the church. I am going to need lots of help with this.

We will need some drivers to help us pick up people on Sundays and maybe other services. If God has given you this talent it would sure be a good way to be a blessing to people.

Also we are going to need to paint and put a beautiful mural on the bus so that it can act as a sign for our church since we are unable to put a sign on the road in front of our church.

Then we are going to need people who will work a bus route every Saturday to bring people to Sunday School and church. Pray about it and find out where you fit in.

Please also pray for me that I will preach and teach in a way that will honor and glorify God in this wonderful church.

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