Great singing and preaching!

I just got the following email and wanted to share it with all of you! Brother Tony you are a tremendous blessing. I am so grateful for the privilege of working with you. You are a gift from God and I am totally undeserving of such a great co laborer.

And as to the young people from our church that go and sing no pastor could be prouder. You are a wonderful blessing and gift of God to us at Vision. I just wanted you to know what a blessing you were.

I know that God has great things that He is going to do with our church and He is already doing so. Thank you and know that Betty and I love you very much.

Hello Brother Austin,

I just wanted to thank you for allowing the Vision Baptist Church singing group to come to the Youth Revival that Brother Tony Howeth preached at our Church this week. I know that you must be proud of these young people because they are truly a blessing and they are shinning a bright light for their generation. They blessed us all at Holly Springs Baptist and we thank you again for letting them come. Please tell them again how much we enjoyed having them with us.

God Bless,
Scott Strickland
Holly Springs Baptist Church – Pastor

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