Leaving Middletown, Ohio for Bridgeport, West Virginia

We have been with Aaron and his family now for a little over a day. Things are going well. He has a meeting with the surgeon on Monday to learn about the procedure that they will be doing and maybe to get the schedule set up. Please continue to pray for them in this special time of need. Also we need to ask God the money that they will need for all the deductibles. I do not know how much that will be yet. There are no more choice servants of God than these friends and what they are doing in North Africa. I thank God that I get to work with such fine people.

Tomorrow morning Betty and I will leave to drive to Grace Baptist Church in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Pastor Jeff Vaughn has invited us to preach the mission’s conference. Grace supported us for nearly 20 years and is still supporting the ministry in Peru. Pray that God will use me to preach to His honor and glory and that more money and missionaries will be raised for the His harvest and world evangelism.

I want to invite you also to check out the new page on the church page about our new Bible Institute starting in August. Just click here on Vision Bible Institute. Soon there will be a page where you can go ahead and sign up for the classes. It is going to be a wonderful time.

I am so excited about all that God is doing in our church. I praise Him for the growth, the new Reformers Unanimous program, the Bible Institute starting for regular church members, and other things that you will soon be hearing about.

Be praying and inviting your friends for the Children’s Crusade starting this Sunday with Ed Dunlop. You are not going to want to miss it.

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