Tonight was a most wonderful evening that I could imagine. We studied what the Bible says about imputation. It is an accounting term meaning to count to someone’s account or to charge to someone’s account.

What is so wonderful is when we read Romans 4 and saw that God counts our faith as righteousness. What a wonderful salvation

We were unworthy sinners and He a pure and righteous Holy God. Yet He took His righteousness and put it on our account. He took our sin and put in on His account. Honestly if you weren’t there then listen to the message. The is no more beautiful truth.

Thank God for what He did for us!

Don’t miss any services or you miss wonderful truths of God’s word.

2 thoughts on “Imputation?!”

  1. This is a topic you will not hear much about. I dont think people take the time to understand this and less take the time to present it on a level that informs and exites a congregation the way you did. What a great message. God bless you real good.


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