Pastor’s Conference for World Evangelism

Can I get you to be praying that we could be a blessing to the men and women that might come to this very special event. We are in no position really to teach pastors much of anything but I so want to share our heart with them about the need to get a world vision and to take up the responsibility that God has given us as pastors and churches.

After 20 years on the mission field and traveling across the world I know that God desires to use the local church to evangelize the world in our generation. I would be presuming much on myself to try to teach any other subject than what the Bible teaches during this conference but one thing that He has taught me over the years is the need to take up the responsibility of glorifying Him around the world via world evangelism or making His name known.

So far we have several pastors and missionaries that have signed up. Literally if we have 10 sign up I will consider the conference a great success. Will you be praying with me about this very special time as we share what we believe is God’s heart and ours for the cause of world evangelism.

I have promised the pastors and missionaries that we will provide them with a motel room, materials, and food. That means that this week is going to be expensive but I believe the investment is worth it. I want to ask your prayer and help.

If you could help serve that would be a great ministry to God’s men. We will start with a banquet on Monday night and really need to do it up right. There will be meals to serve, services to offer the pastors, cleaning to do, and a thousand other things. You might even pray about giving an offering above what you currently give to your church to help with the expenses. This conference is a personal thing that I am doing. The church will not be responsible for the expenses except the use of our building. The rest of the expenses are being handled by me and a company called American Express!

Pray for the meeting. Thanks in advance for the help you are able to offer.

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