Friend Day at the Park

It looks like God is going to give us wonderful weather for tomorrow and our Friend Day at the Park. I am excited to think that God might be sending us some boys and girls to be with us on this special day. I hope that entire families can go and enjoy some special time of fellowship together.

These Park days have always seemed to be popular. Invite someone to come and be with you.

For your prayer time and for our future I want you to be praying about the possibility of getting a couple of used school buses. I am right now working at getting a couple for $6,000 or less. If we are able to do that we hope to run a couple of Sunday School bus routes that will help us reach more and more boys and girls for the cause of Christ.

$1,000 has already been given for this very special project. That means that we are still praying for $5,000.

Also this new ministry will require that God give us some people with CDL licenses to drive on Sunday mornings to pick up boys and girls and hopefully even adults to come and hear the gospel message. If you have this ability it would sure be a blessing if you could let us know.

This requires someone who will be super faithful to the ministry and have a real burden to reach boys and girls with the gospel. Are you that person?

I look forward to seeing everyone of you tomorrow in the services with a friend with you.

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