Ed Dunlop is coming to town

I hope you are getting it on your schedule to be with us for the time that Children’s Evangelist Ed Dunlop will be with us. This man has been greatly used of God across the entire USA to reach children with the gospel. He will be here from Sunday through Thursday starting on April 27th. He will be a blessing to all your children and their friends.

This is a good opportunity for you to reach children with the gospel. Also one of the main reasons we invited him to be with us is that he will be helping us learn how to be more effective in reaching children. You can be trained and get into a very special ministry.

Come and be part of all of it. You will get to meet him and know him personally on next Sunday morning so don’t miss a second of it.

Could I ask you to make a very special effort to be in everyone of the services and to bring children.

Everyone of us should be in the ministry and have a way that we are serving God. Many of you want a ministry and just do not know what to do. This is chance to take a step forward on that road.

We will also need a special offering–a large one to take care of the expenses of this week and so I hope you will pray about what God would have you to do in respect to this need.

I hope that soon as our people learn to give faithfully that we will be able to develop a forward looking budget that will have built in money for each project but we are still as a new church playing catch up. We have a large rent payment each month, we are over $20,000 in debt on credit cards, and our mission’s budget doesn’t always cover itself. I am just being blunt honest with you so that you can pray with me.

I know that we have seen exponential growth up until now and will see more in the future but I want us to continue to grow and grow.

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