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Please continue praying. The latest news is that it is a 50% chance that the growth is cancerous. The results will be in on Monday, Lord willing! Please continue to pray.

He will be released from the hospital later today and return on Monday for the results.

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  1. Estamos orando ahora mismos por ellos, sabemos que Dios tiene preparado algo maravilloso. Hoy en la noche haremos una oracion especial durante nuestra conferencia de Oración.

  2. Our prayers go with you my brother Aaron. God bless you brother and we know God has a purpose thru all of this – our prayer goes for that God is glorified and you are clean of any sickness.

    Here to serve,
    Jeff and Mindy Bush and family

  3. We are definitly praying for A & J. Please let us know what we can do to help. Thank you for keeping us informed.


  4. Praise God that even people from Peru are sending their love and prayers for this dear family. Thank you for praying. We will hear something, Lord willing, on Monday about the tests.

    Betty and I plan on driving up on Monday though we are traveling out of town on Thursday for another conference

    It will not make for an easy week but is well worth it because of our love for this family and what they have meant to us over the years

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