Prayer requests

Our friends from north Africa are flying back to Ohio tomorrow. He has been coughing up blood for some time. He is in pretty bad shape. If you know him then you know that he would never leave the field without being forced to do so.

The Pastor’s Conference is coming up soon. It is going to be an expensive, intensive time for us as Pastors and also for those in the church that are willing to help. Pray that God will send just the right men and that He will give us the messages that we need to be a blessing to Him and to the cause of World Evangelism.

Scott and Melissa Newton need your prayers in the loss of their baby. You know how tough this has to be so please pray a little and express your love to them.

Pray for Friend Day at the Park this Sunday that God will work in the lives of our friends and some will be saved.

Pray for the Children’s meeting with Ed Dunlop that is coming up very shortly–end of the month that God will be glorified in the meetings and that our people can learn from this great children’s worker plus children will be saved and give their lives to serve the Lord.

Pray that God will touch hearts and get us out of debt–as a church we only owe about $20,000 and it would be great to get that pressure off of us.

Pray that God would open the doors for us to get a bus as soon as possible–We are also praying for a van to use and $1,000 has already been given.

God bless you as you pray for all of these needs.

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