Special offerings received!

God blessed with two very special offerings this past week.

$1,000 was given towards the purchase of a van for our church. This is a very desperate need. Thank you so much for your offering. I hope that others will also consider a gift above and beyond what they already give for tithes and offerings.

$1,500 was also given to build the new nursery room. Thank you so much. That is a desperate need as God seems to be bringing new babies into the church at an alarming rate :). Lord willing we will see this room up and finished over the next month.

We have another need that hasn’t been mentioned much but weighs on me! The only indebtedness that the church has is just over $20,000. One of the agendas that we have as a church is to try and pay that off as soon as possible. Will you pray with me about this need?

Another prayer request that I have is for the purchase of two vans for our Sunday School ministry. As you know from just earlier in this post God has already provided the first $1,000. We are going to need some where between $15,000 and $20,000 to make this purchase.

It is my prayer to pay off what we owe first and then to purchase these vans.

I just kind of shared my heart with you but hope that you will make these issues a matter of prayer. You may give an offering to one of these causes by using an envelope and making a note on the envelope or you can use the online giving and send an email to treasurer@visionbaptist.com.

Thanks so much for all you do to honor and glorify God in and through Vision Baptist Church.

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