Desperate Need in the World for Bible Preaching!

I am not sure how much you realize that Satan is doing in these last days to get people to look to other means to be saved. We have the prosperity gospel, we have other cults–Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and new doctrines nearly every day. People do not want to hear about their sin.

God’s Word is literally the only way to know the truth. You must know that Satan will teach lies in these last days. He will teach them in such a way that even God’s people will be tempted to believe.

How faithful are you to read God’s Word? How faithful are you to a Bible believing, Bible preaching church? It is time to follow the Biblical admonition–having done all to stand!

Watch this video. Let it reveal the truth to you. Take a stand for right and truth.

2 thoughts on “Desperate Need in the World for Bible Preaching!”

  1. Pastor;

    Thank you for exposing this alarming video. So many times Christians get offended when preachers take a stand from the pulpit and warn them about false doctrine. Now here it is before thier very eye, and the words are from the horses mouth, the choice now is theirs to accept this garbage, or to reject it. Let us pray that we haven’t fallen so far into apostasy that we have become a people with eyes that cannot see, and a people with ears that cannot hear. I am excited over the past year of your posts in Vision news and am continuing to pray for your needs to be met.

    In Christ;
    Bro Paul

  2. God bless you Brother Paul. You are a blessing and we think of you and pray for you often. I hope that all is well and that God is working His will in your life. I do believe that we must be very aware of what is going on in the church.

    Every church member should demand a church that teaches and preaches the Bible. Enough of man’s opinions and outside thought. We have the Word of God

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