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God is calling men and women to a radical lifestyle. We are ready to help you be all that God has called you to be. Get in touch with us soon and choose now!

You Choose

You can be on the forefront in the hottest part of the battle. You can know for sure that your life is making a difference in a way and in a place where only a relative few have ever been or had the privilege of serving. The eyes of the Lord still run to and fro throughout the whole earth looking. He is looking for someone who will allow Him to show His power in their life. This is your chance to be a part of something bigger than you could have ever imagined for your life. Only those who want to really make a difference with their life should dare to consider a life on the edge, out where you have to really trust God and where things can and will happen that are so big that you will know it was Him and not you.

95% of the world lives outside the borders of the United States. Obviously God who loves all people wants to work where so few are working. The great majority of young people will be satisfied to stay home in the USA and enjoy the comforts of our great nation. They will never know the thrill of stepping out into the Great Unknown. They will miss seeing God carve something from nothing and do more than they could have ever expected.

They will make excuses! Some will try to show how the 5% is more important than the 95%! Others will try to explain how we like “Jerusalem” must take care of our own, little realizing that “Jerusalem” lost her place to “Antioch—the missionary church”. Some will cry must we not care for our families and future?

Now you must choose. Is it in you by His grace to want more, to go farther, to achieve greater things, and to experience God’s power in a way only a few have and can? Then as you read this newsletter and later your Bible ask God what part He wants you to play in evangelizing the world. World Evangelism is the heartbeat of God! World Evangelism is the mission of the church. No one can truly know and love God without loving and giving all to carry the news of His great sacrifice to the world. What will you do?

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