Playing Catch up

Things have been hectic and so I am just going to try and catch you up in this one email.

I had a blast with the Kevin White family in Cochabamba, Bolivia. God is really working in and through them. Beth is a tremendous hostess and I do not know how she dealt with all the pressure from this past week.

Jorge and Jennie Montenegro work extremely well with the Whites. I love seeing the relationship between the two families. Jorge and Jennie are working very hard and doing a super good job. He needs to raise some support and I hope that he will be able to do that soon. Pray for them.

Jeff Bush was in Bolivia for the conference and as always it was a pleasure to be able to see him and spend some time with him. God is really blessing his ministry.

Tony Howeth and the Vision staff did a great job while I was away. I could never have asked for a better staff. Thank you guys for all you do.

I actually have started working on Vision getting its first deacons and I am really excited about it. I will give you more details soon

I arrived home yesterday but was exhausted and still am. Chris Gardner preached last night and did a wonderful job. I thank God that we get to have missionaries out of our church and that you can get to know them and love them. God gave us a great number of people, and the spirit was just wonderful in the service–though I was having a hard time staying awake some of the time.

Online Giving was set up and I am really excited about that and hope that people that are unable to make a service will always give their offerings and faith promise to help us stay on budget.

I taught class today for 4 hours and it was a wonderful day. This afternoon Betty and I went to Charlie Roper’s dad’s funeral. Then tonight we had a couple’s get together at Mike and Cindi Shane’s house. The house was full to the brim with people and I really enjoyed getting to see everyone.

Tomorrow morning I get the privilege of preaching again at Paramont Grading with John Pearson.

The a bunch of our people are going to a hockey game on Saturday night. That will be a blast.

Then comes Sunday–I can’t wait to open God’s wonderful word in my own pulpit. I hope you will be there with friends and family.

Sunday evening we will have our teachers and workers volunteer meeting at 5:20 pm. I will be teaching on Bible study tools and methods. Then the evening service where we will learn what the Bible says about baptism.

After the service we will be getting together to prepare for our first meeting of the Reformers Unanimous group which will meet on Friday night.

On Monday Betty and I leave to drive to Gulfport, Mississippi so that I can take part in the BEAMS Missionary training and an evening meeting. We will be back Thursday after noon.

That will give you an idea of our week and I ask you to be praying. I am expecting God to do greater and greater things in all of our lives.

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