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The following are some quotes about the Deputation Manual. I sure appreciate them taking the time to right. It definitely encourages us!

Boy that book sure is a good one. Thanks for taking the time to work on it to help those like me. I needed that.

The book “The Deputation Manual” came in the other day and I picked it up and read about half of it this morning. It is very good.

From a missionary in Brazil

Might I suggest you contact Bible Colleges (using the contacts among Pastors you already have) and see if they would sell them through their bookstores. You might even try sending one free copy to the Head of the Missions Department of schools like Baptist Bible College, MO, Pensacola Christian, Bob Jones, Heartland, Northland Baptist Bible College, Crown, West Coast, etc., and encourage them to read it and see if it is something they would like to see in their bookstore or even require as part of their course.

We also loved Aaron’s book “Ramblings.” Pastor purchased 15 copies and required all of our Deacons to read it so that they would better understand the daily trials and victories of our Missionaries. They have all finished the book and were instructed by the Pastor to give the book to someone in the congregation with the stipulation that they read it and give it to another, and so on until everyone had a chance to read it. Maybe that’s another good suggestion for the Pastor’s you know. Just a thought…

I loved the Manual. You made some really great changes in it since I’d seen it last. I thought the end result was excellent. In fact, we have already ordered (and received) 10 more copies. Our Senior Pastor wants to have them on hand in our Bookstore to give to every Missionary that comes through on deputation or furlough

Two different emails from a Pastor in Indiana.

Thank you so much for writing. God bless each of you

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