From Bolivia

I have been super busy and really unable to make phone calls or post blogs. I do apologize because you are missing out on what God is doing in a great ministry. I am so very proud of Kevin and Beth White as well as Jorge and Jennie Montenegro.

We have been having over 150 each night. Sunday I preached 3 times and spent several hours counseling, talking with leaders, and motivating young men to serve God. Monday I preached 4 times, answered questions, and talked to missionaries, pastors and church people for several hours. Today I will be preaching 4 times, Lord willing.

Tomorrow I will preach 3 more times and then get on an airplane to be ready to preach at Vision Baptist on Thursday night.

I have been having a blast. Preaching and teaching is what I love to do with all my heart. Last night I preached for 1 hour. You better pray for these poor people–but they loved it and didn’t leave after the services any way.

I am very impressed with what God is doing here in Bolivia. The congregation has turned into a church. People are picking up there responsibility. Beth, Jennie, Kevin, and Jorge are working very hard but the people are doing tons also. I am very proud of them.

Please pray for this ministry. Pray also for Jeff Bush who is here also. The ministry in Argentina is going great. I thank God for what He is doing here in South America.

I hope that you will be praying that God will raise up new workers for the mission fields of the world. I hope that you will be praying that God will send forth laborers. It is so important that we pray, give and go.

I have heard wonderful things from Sunday at Vision. I am just praising the Lord and floating in the air over what God is doing. Thank you for being so faithful.

Now you tend to do better when I am out of town so I want to be there when you knock it out of the park so how about this.

I tell you that I will be out of town Sunday. You work hard like I was going to be gone and then I show up any way and get to be in on what God is doing.

I can’t wait to be at Vision this Sunday. Please be praying for the messages and for God to work. We are in on a great thing. We are watching God do miracles. I hope you will never forget that.

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