Youth Meeting

Tonight I had the privilege of preaching in the Youth Meeting at the Iglesia Bautista Vision (Vision Baptist Church, Pastor Kevin White) in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We had about 30 young people from 16 and up and the average age was about 20.

Then the group from Peru came in and I was able to see them, give them all a hug and sit and talk for about an hour. That was a wonderful time.

I also went to the airport to pick up Jeff Bush–our missionary to Argentina. He is sitting right here with me. It is always a blessing to see him.

You are not going to believe the pizza that we are about to eat. It is from a place called Eli’s. It comes in a square box that is about 32 inches by 32 inches. The biggest pizza box that I have ever seen.

Thanks for praying for the meeting here and for being in your place at Vision. I was also excited to hear of the good times the men had at the golf outing with Victory Baptist. I hope we can do it again when I am able to be there.

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