What Steps Should I Take In Order To Get To The Field?

I pray that several of you are wanting to know what God wants you to do with your life! You know that God might want you to take the gospel to some part of the world. Well here are some thoughts that might help you on the way!

1. Find God’s perfect will for your life, primarily through His Word, but also through the desires that He puts in your heart, through the preaching of the Word of God, through other Christians, through circumstances, and through a peace that only God can give you.

2. Begin praying for the world. Pray over maps of the world. Study about countries, places, and peoples until God leads you specifically.

3. Talk to your pastor about the burden and call that God has given you. God will give Him much wisdom and insight about specific direction that you should take.

4. If possible, go on a trip to the place where God has called you. Many times God will confirm that call one way or the other when you see it a place and talk to the people.

5. Make preparations to go to the field. No doctor, lawyer, or dentist begins work without training, and neither should a missionary. The best place to get this training is in your church and on the field. You need to get involved in the ministries of your church. Learn all that you can there. Then you should, if at all possible go to the field for an extended period of time, such as six months to a year, to train under a missionary who is getting the job done. (The Our Generation Training Center has all students study for the field on the field)

6. After you have been trained, you should decide if you are going to need the help of a mission agency in your endeavor. A mission agency that exists as a mere handmaiden to the church is one that you should look for it. It should not take the place of your pastor or usurp the authority of the local church, but should simply help your church send you.

7. Then, you will need to begin raising support for the work. There are many ways to raise support, but the Biblical way is for God’s people to support you, because you are (or should be) doing God’s work. Deputation is the process that many missionaries go through to get to the field. This a great way to not only raise financial support, but prayer support, as well as encourage others to get involved in world evangelism.

8. Finally, you will need to go through all of the meticulous details that will be required to live on the
particular field where God has called you, such as getting your Visa and passport, buying needed clothes, furniture, books, and saving money to buy a house, car, and other things that you will need once you arrive on the field.

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