Spending the night in Miami

Well I left the house today at 4:10 in the afternoon on the way to Cochabamba, Bolivia. The first flight went great and I arrived in Miami. After getting my bag I went to Aero Sur to check in on the way to Santa Cruz and then on to Cochabamba.

Arriving at the counter it seemed that things weren’t going to well–people agitated and fussing. I was told that my flight had been canceled and so after waiting for a long time I finally was given a room to spend the night and show up tomorrow at noon for a 3 pm flight on American Airlines.

Lord willing I will leave tomorrow afternoon and be at Kevin White’s house around midnight. We do have time to still get there on time for the meetings that start on Sunday morning and go through Wednesday night.

I will be with Kevin and Beth White. They are our missionaries to Bolivia. I will be doing a family conference on Sunday and then Monday and Tuesday night. Lord willing on Wednesday night I will be getting on my first of 3 flights back to our church services on Thursday night.

During the day I will be teaching in a Pastor’s and workers conference. I am really looking forward to being with Kevin and Jorge Montenegro who comes from our church in Peru.

I also understand that Jeff Bush will be coming to the conference from Argentina along with about 10 people from Peru. I think we are going to have a great time.

I want to ask you to pray for me that I will be used of God and that I will honor Him and His Word. I will miss you this Sunday but I know that God will work at Vision through Tony Howeth.

I praise the Lord for the good services He gave you tonight at our church. Very good attendance for us –124– and I hear that Chris did a great job preaching.

I know that you enjoyed the service tonight with Chris Gardner–your own staff missionary from Vision Baptist Church. I am so glad that you got to spend some time with your missionary and I hope that you get to know him personally.

Also I invite you to keep up with Travis and Teri Snode –also staff missionaries of our church as they travel across North Africa.

I will keep you posted as I make my way to Bolivia. I hope that God blesses on both ends of the world this Sunday and coming week.

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