Pray for our brothers in the ministry!

Easter is always a very special day. I wanted to ask you to be in prayer for our sister churches that I know of right here in the area and other places as well. I hope that you will pray for our missionaries around the world that God will use them tomorrow. Pray especially for those that are members of our church and the places where they will be preaching tomorrow.

But I also wanted to ask you to pray for our sister churches right here.

Pray for Greater Heights Baptist Church in Cumming. The pastor is Chris Grinstead. They are the former Sharon Baptist Church and have been used greatly of God for many years. God has blessed them with new land to build on and a new temporary meeting place very close to Cumming. Pray for them tomorrow as they have their first service in the new building. I am asking God to bless them greatly.

Pray for our dear friends at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Dawsonville where Charles Blackstock is the pastor. They are dear friends and have been so for many years now. I am praying that God will give them their best attendance ever and souls saved and new people joining the church.

Pray for Derik Lawrence and the Victory Baptist Church. We have no dearer friends than them. They are getting ready to build and are already having to have multiple services. It is an honor to see what God is doing and I pray that they will be bursting out the seams tomorrow. I am not sure exactly what day it is but Pastor Lawrence is also celebrating a birthday and so we send our Best Birthday wishes.

Pray for Pastor Gary Leford at the University Baptist Church in Atlanta that God will bless their church in a great way tomorrow. Pastor Ledford is a very special man with a great heart for the Lord and His work in our area of the world.

Pray for Pastor Wayne Cofield and the Whitfield Baptist Church in Dalton. Pray that God will give them great results for His honor and glory tomorrow. This was our home church for many years as we served as missionaries.

Pray for Pastor Jon Williams at the Bible Baptist Church in Gainesville that God would just fill their church to overflowing and give the pastor exactly what to say for His honor and glory.

Pray for Keith Lee at the Fellowship Baptist Church that God would do great things in their lives and ministry tomorrow. They have gone through a lot with the birth of their new baby and always need our prayers.

There are other churches in the area that I pray for but do not yet have the opportunity to know the pastors well or have not seen them recently like Pastor Bob Baines at Berean Baptist Church, New Light Baptist Church on Post Road, Grace Bible Family Fellowship Independent Baptist Church in Cumming, Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Cumming, Refuge Baptist Church in Cumming, Antioch Baptist Church in Cumming, Whispering Hope Baptist Church in Cumming, Victory Baptist in Cumming, Lebanon Baptist in Roswell, Truway Baptist, Philadelphia Baptist in Alpharetta, Reformers Baptist, Field of the Woods Baptist, Christian Hope Baptist, Blessed Hope Baptist, County Line Baptist, and I am sure that there are many others that I am forgetting or do not know about.

I hope that you will pray for everyone, anywhere that will lift high the name of Jesus tomorrow. Let’s pray that He get great honor and praise tomorrow and every day. Let’s pray for other churches like ours that are working so hard in this area to get the gospel out.

There is no way that all of us together will get the job done. There is too much to do. We need God to send and old fashion moving of the Holy Spirit amongst us.

Don’t forget the previous post that tells us that Forsyth County has plenty of work for all of us to do.

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