Hope Baptist Church

Can I get you to pray for one more thing today! God has been so good to us and has done so much to get the gospel out to the world. It is His harvest and we know that. He is doing the work. I heard from Nathan Saunders in Montana this week and was impressed to hear how God is building His work.

I now want to ask you to be in very special prayer as I am for Wayne Cooke and his family. Tomorrow will be his first service in the brand new church. Hope Baptist Church will have a Bible study as they prepare to have a great Celebration service in the fall.

It is always a scary time as you start from scratch and that is exactly what Pastor Cooke is doing. Will you pray for him. I wish that I could be there with him to help him and encourage him but I have to be at my post.

I do thank God that Jeremy Hall is there with him. I can’t wait until tomorrow afternoon to hear all the great things that God does. Will you pray with us for Hope Baptist Church, Middletown, New York.

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