God is blessing our missionaries

I hope that you will always try to keep up to date on what God is doing with our church’s missionaries. As you know Tony Howeth is in Northern Ireland with Travis Snode. God is really using them both. They had 40 in attendance at one of the meetings this week. You can read about it by clicking on the different links. I praise the Lord for what He is doing in the lives and ministries of these two families and hope you will pray for them over this Easter week end.

Pray that God will give new people to attend the church and that someone will be saved and added to His church. Pray for Brother Tony and his ministry there with the Snodes.

Also our missionary Chris Gardner is in Peru visiting the Julio Soncco family and the work there. As you know Chris is back in the states raising money for the Peru Bible College. He made a short trip to Peru to preach there, be with the brethren and also to check on some things that might be done to help the Bible College financially. Chris will return to the states on Wednesday after Easter, Lord willing.

I hope that you will be praying for our missionaries around the world. Pray for all of them because God has given us a wonderful missionary family. Pray especially for those that are members of our church. Chris Gardner, Travis Snode, and Julio Soncco are members of Vision Baptist Church.

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