God’s blessings on Celebration Sunday

God was so good to us and I thought that maybe you might like to look at what He did over the last two years.

Our first Celebration Sunday was held on March 12, 2006. We had 165 in attendance! Many were friends, family and missionaries that came in to help us launch the church. We did not have Sunday School that day! The next Sunday we had only 40 people in attendance and were averaging around 69 in the month of April.

Last year our Celebration Sunday was our one year anniversary! It was held on March 11, 2007. We had 136 in Sunday School and 189 for church. In the month of April we averaged 109 in the morning services.

This year our Celebration Sunday was held on March 16th and was our Second Anniversary! We had 178 in Sunday School and 234 in church. In February the month before our Celebration Sunday God had already given us an average of 117. It still remains to be seen what we will do in the month of April.

God has been so good to us! I just want you to praise Him for His goodness to us. Our average Sunday School attendance for the last year has been 107–first year was 71. Our average AM attendance has been 125–first year was 89. Our average PM attendance has been 85–first year 59. Our Thursday night average has been 92–first year 59.

Souls have been saved, baptized, and growing in the Lord. Missionaries have been supported. 3 missionaries are now sent out of our church. God has been good. Let’s ask God to do even greater things in the coming years!

2 thoughts on “God’s blessings on Celebration Sunday”

  1. I love hearing how much growth God has given you. I have seen it with my own eyes. I remember meeting those first Thursdays in that little room we started in. I am so proud of my little 2nd church. May God continue to bless as He has done in the past. And here is a heads up, see ya at Celebration Sunday next year!!!

  2. Sherry, we are so grateful to God for you! Thank you for being such an encouragement. I can honestly say that you are a real blessing to Betty and me and to our church. I thank you for having been with us so many times–especially for being with us on Celebration Sunday. God has been good and it is so great to know that you have seen and helped the church grow. God bless you real good as a very good friend of ours would say.

    I pray that someday God will show His power in such a way that the community will know that we are here preaching the Word and that lives will be changed for His honor and glory.

    I love our church and I love preaching His word

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