My in-laws

Betty and I are driving down to Dearing, Georgia with the three Gardner grandkids to visit our Young grandkids all together. As we ride along Betty always reminisces about the past! We were talking about places we had lived and gone etc. She made mention of things that her mom and dad had done over the years and I just started thinking about how greatly I have been blessed with the in-laws that God gave me!

Reagan and Evelyn Ferguson became my in-laws and family on August 18, 1973 when I married their daughter. I was very young! It had to be a shock to their system to see a skinny, red neck from Tennessee marry their daughter but they were super kind and a super blessing to us.

They helped us get set up just like my parents did! They were always so kind to us!

My father in law, Reagan Ferguson, was the kindest and best gentleman that I have ever known. No one was more thoughtful. As we drove by one of the places we lived as a young couple Betty mentioned how her daddy came and picked her up and took her to one of baby Chris’ doctor’s appointments.

Over the years the Fergusons have been super good family to us! Part of what brought this to my mind was how my mother in law would skip her own church services to be with us yesterday for our Second Anniversary. I didn’t expect it and we didn’t invite her but that is just how she is.

Grandmother we love you and thank you for always being so good.

I hope that I can be half way decent as an in-law! I have certainly had a good example.

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